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» Scars with history

Blenders are bad
Admitadly i did post this as an answear to near death experience, but any how... Blender on palm of left hand, push button, swear and spray blood all over mates kitchen. scars gonna be there a long time
(Sun 6th Feb 2005, 18:14, More)

» Near Death Experiences

About 3 or 4 years ago
I was round my mates house, and we decided to make pancakes, with one of those hand held blender things. well, i thought it would be a great idea if i put my hand on the bottom of it and pressed on. I'd assumed the blade would whizz harmlessly above the soft tender flesh of my hand. sadly they didnt, they sliced in deep. So i try and call my parents, but can't get in touch with mum, who should at least be in the right town. So i call dad, asking him to take me to hospital, as i've cut myself. He says, "ok mat, i'll get the car from the garage, its in for a service", not quite getting the fact it was a blender that did the cutting... eventually i get to hospital, have stiches, and then 4 days later go camping, where it proptly get infected. I am still scared on the palm of my hand.
(Tue 30th Nov 2004, 18:02, More)