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A few more pics can be found here!

Or a very small McCrirrick gallery here!

oh and email [email protected]

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Despite being 2ft 6, John knew one day he'd be a top jockey...

(Sun 6th Jul 2003, 15:23, More)

Wry smile my arse! this girl RAWKS!

(Sat 31st May 2003, 15:14, More)


(Thu 8th May 2003, 23:02, More)

Easily the most popular phone network in the jungle..

(Sun 20th Apr 2003, 19:29, More)

They only grow at this time of year...

(Sat 19th Apr 2003, 16:10, More)

It took years to track down but I finally bagged the fecker!

flying visit, hi/bye all :)
(Mon 7th Apr 2003, 23:39, More)

What do you mean he's a bumbling fuckwit?

clickimus biggimus!
(Sun 6th Apr 2003, 22:10, More)

He gives out the primate directives...

click for bigger!
(Sat 29th Mar 2003, 21:07, More)

I found this little fella in me garden, it was chasing the cat about...

clicky biggy!
(Sun 26th Jan 2003, 22:27, More)

It was a hell of a trek to the office....

(Fri 10th Jan 2003, 21:59, More)

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