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» Running away

Oh oh yes
I threatened to run away when I was 10

When I ran to my bedroom to pack a bag, I got tired, but didn't want to sleep on my bed (which was a big hollow cabin bed with drawers) incase my parents found me and I had to admit defeat. So I pulled out the drawers, crawled inside the bed, pulled the drawers back in from inside, and fell asleep.

A few hours later I woke up, it was really dark and I couldn't move as my arms were numb. This meant I couldn't pull the drawers out. My crying woke my parents up, and it took about half an hour for them to realise where I was

I'm chlaustrophobic now :[
(Fri 11th Aug 2006, 19:38, More)

» Other people's diaries

Not recently
Years ago, my 2 younger cousins showed me their older sister's diary.

Apparently she was quite acquainted with the boy down the street's pet rooster.

I didn't even know he had a pet rooster.
(Fri 2nd Feb 2007, 7:22, More)

» Mums

My mam's a fruitloop.
My surname since getting married is Brown, which is a massive novelty to both of my parents, especially since I announced I was pregnant. Lots of name suggestions that sound more like shades of hairdye or paint (Matt Brown, Ash Brown, Sandy Brown etc.)

My mam is particularly keen on me calling the baby James. Not after the late singer, but after a footballer who plays for Hartlepool.

Since announcing the baby is going to be a girl, you'd think she'd change her mind, but no. She wants her first granddaughter to be called James Brown.
(Mon 15th Feb 2010, 13:23, More)

» School Trips

A nice trip to Flamingo Land
Nothing special really, our year 9 trip to Flamingo land was quite dull. The bus ride was more fun.

On the way there, the teachers insisted over and over and OVER again that there was to be no smoking on the bus. Typically, the naughty smoker type people were all sat at the back, and all the boring tee total goffs [like me] were at the front. Literally within 5 minutes of setting off from the school, the bus was filled with the smell of cigarette smoke, so the driver pulled over. I don't know how the idiots thought they could get away with it without at least opening a single window, but there you go. It turned out about 6 of them had lit up, and one of them burned her hand trying to hide a tab from an angry Mr Brown. After lots of shouting and arguing, the bus driver set off.

Then, about half an hour later, the sickly smell of "cherryade" wafted to the front of the bus, and the driver pulled over yet again. We'd been warned not to bring food or drink onto the bus. Thinking they'd just brought along bottles of Panda Pops, the teachers were a bit surprised [and angry] to find they'd also smuggled along a bottle of Lambrini. These being 13 and 14 year olds by the way.

After a bit more arguing, and the decision that we'd come too far to go back, and that 6 bad girls shouldn't spoil the day for 150 good boys and girls, we drove on.

The themepark itself was boring, our year group's coach ended up getting there about half an hour after the rest of the school.

Before getting on the bus the girls were searched for drink and cigarettes, but they were all clean. So Mr Brown was rather pissed off when, less than half an hour into the journey, the smell of pot wafted down the aisle. Some of the lads had managed to buy a deal at Flamingo land!

To top all that off, the bus broke down, and we had to wait in the middle of a field for a replacement bus. The actual park was shit, but the bus ride was fantastic :D

For some reason, there were no more school trips after that.
(Wed 13th Dec 2006, 7:10, More)

» Shoplifting

Cat toys
There was a DIY shop in my town centre (it's closed now) that had a pets section. They sold little furry toy mice for cats, in white and grey. I nicked a white one one day, for no apparent reason. We had 2 cats at the time and they never got a sniff of it. However, my mam did. She was really miffed and told me to take it back.

I told her I took it back. Technically I did, it just didn't leave my pocket while I was there. But it acquired a lovely grey friend. :)
(Fri 11th Jan 2008, 10:13, More)
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