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This is me on the receiving end of an affectionate nibble

I like Halloween.

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Sure someone asked for this.....
so here's a double whammy:

(Fri 3rd May 2002, 16:22, More)

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» Happy 10th Birthday B3ta

it's been a while - 9 years, 4 months, 25 days apparently.
I first found b3ta in 2002 through a picture someone had linked of the Queen Mother (animated gif, her face falls off, she's a robot underneath - no idea who made it). I was at uni at the time, and thus had a lot of free time, and so enthusiastically threw myself into participation on the board making a number of craply-executed animated gifs.

It was a time when the prevailing theme of pictures and animations was of Furtive the polar bear, Fluffy his penguin prey, Domo-kun and the like. Bovine, munkt0n, weebl and crab_bloke (before Joel changed his name) were regular boarders, jvm and 100% Kitten ring a bell too, and every now and then Koit used to ask for a hand putting together a song (track down his Billy Joel-inspired "World of B3ta" for a more comprehensive guide to who was who then). The phrase 'I can't fucking hummus' summed up many a fellow boarder whose ambition with Potatochop far outweighed his abilities, myself absolutely included.

The site then was totally geared towards having a giggle and trying to help others do the same, with none of the snide cliquey stuff that seems to have crept up a bit between talk & QOTW (sadly). Nobody cared if there was someone wrong on the internet and everyone was left mostly to their own devices, unless they were being deliberately antagonistic and offensive (then usually they were left in no doubt as to how welcome they were to kindly fuck off).

I've since managed to curb my habit, and relegated myself to mostly lurking, with the odd brief contribution to QOTW or liking especially good links the extent of my interaction.

It's still a fun place, populated mostly by fun, talented folk who enjoy putting their photoshopping and artistic skills on display for the delectation of others. The expanded community these days has obviously brought with it the usual quota of keyboard warriors and internet hardman pedants, but outside their bedroom fortresses b3ta still is a great place to come to kill time, have a laugh, and discover another video of kittens being adorable/stupid/thinking they're peoples.

Long may it continue.
(Mon 12th Sep 2011, 12:05, More)

» Scars with history

Possibly the most nerdy scar ever.
I was at school one morning in tutor group, and was hurriedly revising for a Latin vocabulary test that was looming on the horizon. My Latin vocab folder was one of those cheapo folders to hold punched sheets, with a little brass strip that you bend over at each end once you've put them through the holes.

In the process of my obviously diligent revision I managed to pull this bit of brass out of the plastic, whereupon I discovered it had additional wide, and fairly sharp, bits to keep it inside. I then discovered wrapping the brass strip around your finger and trying to pull it off from one end like a bit of string does not work, and the strip gashed my finger to the bone, resulting in an unexpected amount of blood, exposed fat cells and muscle tissue and 8 stitches in the end of my finger. I still have sensory loss now.

I also tried to flirt with the over-worked 20-something nurse (I was about 15) who then did her best to cause maximum pain when administering the local anasthetic. The reason for my wound clearly helped my attempts to be charming very little.

On a brighter note, I skipped the Latin test.
(Fri 4th Feb 2005, 21:16, More)