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Fuck off you nosey goat...

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» Fire!

Flat Warming?
I moved into my flat about six months before this happened! I had taken time to do up all the rooms in the flat except the kitchen. One night at 4.30 in the morning a food processor (Breville - Antony Warrel Thompson shite) decided it would like to suddenly burst inito flames. Well, it took the whole kitchen with it, along with the hallway and part of the lounge. Oh yeah and almost me too! I was fast asleep at the time and just decided it be far better to remain asleep and inhale as much toxic fumes as possible than to get up and get out! The paramedics said another minute and I would have been a goner! Thanks lads but I was quite enjoying the high I was getting!!
(Tue 8th Nov 2005, 13:58, More)