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I'm a welsh-speaking small-towner from South Wales who spends practically all her time on the internet yet still leads a relatively nerd-free life. Win win.

I've become a huge fan of Anime, Manga and gaming in the last three years after attending Reading University (=Environmental Scientist... woo!), despite being a virgin to all of them for the first 18 years of my life until three years ago...

Most of the above makes me sound like a fat goth girl. I am not... the only way you could tell I'm a web junkie if you met me out in the real world would be from my B3ta furtive bag and my adoration of all things kitten.

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» Misunderstood

not me..
but my old man. a few years back he went into a local pharamcy for some earex (i think it's otex now....) The young girl behind the counter was organizing a lady's prescrpition, but asked what my father would want.

dad: " can you show me where the earex is please?"
woman: (looking down at the floor, mumbling and pointing)"on that shelf.....the shelf...there"

my dad went to look, but couldn't see the earex anywhere. He once again asked her, and she repeated the same thing. he went back to where she was pointing, looked and laughed out loud. He went back to the counter, and said

"look, I don't know what you think of me, but I already have a son and daughter, it's a bit late for durex"
the girl went absolutely red and as very apologetic. then the lady who was waiting for her prescripton piped up "it's you who needs the earex love, go get yourself a bottle". the girl ran off! hahahaha
(Tue 11th Oct 2005, 8:53, More)

» Crap meals out

xmas 2005
my friends and I decided that a meal out would be a perfect way to meet each other as we hadn't seen one another for a few weeks, some for over a year. We went to a wetherspoons, as we were told they served fine food. My fiend and I decided to have a duo meal: the nachos were burnt, and very cold; my chilli was mushy and semi-warm; his steak was burnt and his fries undercooked; the coke was flat and the malibu tasted watered down. Along with this, there were two drunken slags screaming about sex with their husbands and their extramarital boyfriends. Never has a nacho reminded me so much of a woman's vagina after i heard that very word being mentioned by one of the obnoxious women. The sour cream visual didn't help, either.
(Mon 1st May 2006, 22:42, More)

» Filth!

A warm drink on a cold evening.
A few of us at work have set up a walking group and have been pretty religious with it. This means that even in the worst weather we will still climb some welsh hills or roam footpaths in the dark of winter. Two weeks ago we walked in driving sleet around the shithole that is Risca, South Wales and ended the walk with the usual pub visit.

The pub of choice was the Philanthropic Inn, a pub so tatty and worn not even a homeless man would stay the night.

Upon entering, the roundest spaniel I have ever seen in my life made loud whoop noises before trying to lick our hands away from our wrists. A colleague ventured to the men's (outside, of course. This building has not changed since the 1960s!) before returning looking a little green, and seemed to be steering well clear of the rotund spaniel.

It transpires that the dog enjoyed its drinks warm, and would lap at the steaming hot piss from the urinal trough as the punters filled it....bleurgh.

None of us dared go near the dog and quickly exited after the pints were mostly finished....
(Wed 8th Feb 2012, 21:51, More)

» DIY fashion

hallowe'en 2005:

Red velvet dress, with glow in the dark bats sewn to the bottom, and a few stars. I loved it, but felt like a pratt since it was the friday before hallowe'en and i was also the only one dressed up.

hallowe'en 2004

Long black dress, shortened to a short black dress with ragged edges, and i wore a tiara and smudged eyeliner to give a "dead prom queen" look, which then ended up looking like the cover of "celebrity skin" by hole. by the third night club the straps had broken and i was left clutching at my breasts as i walked to get a taxi home.

hallowe'en 2003

Black strappy top, black shawl, black trousers.
and mini tesco cereal boxes stuck on with double sided sticky tape, with knives and bombs attacking them, and with faces of pain on the boxes. "cereal killer" is a stupid costume, and by the time i got to the club, everything had fallen off.pfft.
(Mon 28th Aug 2006, 18:54, More)

» Annoying words and phrases

"I brought a sofa from DFS for £199"
"Can I lend a pen off you?"
"I thiefed it"
"Rocket surgery/ brain science"
"tooth enanemal"
"mustosh"- this was how an English friend pronounced moustache.

Also, job descriptions that are several words long. e.g Environmental Regeneration Support Assistant for a council-employed builder, etc.
(Sun 11th Apr 2010, 22:38, More)
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