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Here's some things.

Nicked and tag cropped out by Zoo magazine


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Look at his little face...

(Thu 1st Oct 2009, 18:08, More)

Boing! Slap!

Eiffel Tower included for no reason.
(Thu 22nd Feb 2007, 23:17, More)

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» World's Sickest Joke

This one made me splutter my pint
I was standing at a bar in the pub when I overheard this conversation between two blokes

"Do you know what? I could have sex with any woman in this pub".

"Oh yeah? How's that then?"

"I'm a rapist".

I pissed myself but none of my friends thought it was funny for some reason (I don't know them anymore)
(Fri 10th Sep 2004, 0:05, More)

» Heckles

Don't call me fat!

A comedy club in East Dulwich.

A rather lardy comedian.

Someone in the audience shouted "Fuck off, you fat cunt" and the comedian replied "Who said that?". Some wag stood up and proudly shouted "Me!". The comic said "Look mate. There's a reason I'm so fat" (we're all thinking he's going to blame it on an illness or something - we couldn't have been more wrong) - "Look mate. There's a reason I'm so fat. It's because every time I go round and fuck your mum she gives me a piece of cake".

I think the heckler fucked off home.
(Fri 7th Apr 2006, 18:46, More)

» World's Sickest Joke

Old but gold
A man is walking with a child in the woods when it starts to get dark. The child turns to the man and says "It's getting dark and I'm scared". The man replies "How do you think I feel? I've got to walk out of here on my own".

How do you know when your sister's having her period?
Your dad's cock tastes funny.
(Thu 9th Sep 2004, 23:54, More)