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Hi. I'm philthemoose, known to my closer friends as jonnyeye. I'm a lazy guy at heart, so please bear with me as I try to fill this space.

I have a MSN if you care. It is philthemooseathotmaildotcom. Feel free to contact me whenever I'm on the board. I'd love to hear from you... no really I would.

Oh, I'm at York University, in the heart... erm, lower colon of Toronto, Canada.

Milo helps celebrate 500th post (took only 19 days 8 hours...)
Semaphoric Fuckmonger;
Milo... my new character in development
Street Milo (and wallpaper!)

SigX! The fresh maker.
And lo, from b3ta's balmy shores
Breaks forth a hero, yet not mild;
Who, now in Canadiana resides
But lived in Britland as a child.
For many years, through cold and boil
In Evildom and Photoshop
A doctorate for our hero's toil,
Now master of the pixel's drop.
And sooth! Arrives with genetic's winds
To morph strange creatures for b3tan plans,
To join at last th'triumvirate,
Brit, b3tan and Canadadians.
So, now, fair viewers, watch the flight
Of pixels this, o hallowed night.

Unfortunately, this prophecy isn't about me.
this space left intentionally blank


Everyone else is doing it...

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Stalking across the fields, swinging a vorpal blade, cometh Philthemoose! And he gives a cruel roar:

"I'm seriously going to exfoliate you to the bone!"

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1. Mash beans.
2. Grate cheese.
3. Arrange sardines on plate.
4. Dump bean paste and cheese on sardines.
5. Put in microwave for one hour.
6. Turn microwave on.
7. Consume voraciously.
8. Go to hospital for eating microwave.

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» Impromptu Games You Play

Two games that are fun for kids of all ages:
1. Buy a cheap pack of cards.
2. Remove the faces of each card.
3. Draw new values on the cards. Some possible values: Ace of Voids (cut hole in the centre of the card), 2^10 of small dots, Ace of Machiavellian Lobsters, e of i πs, the ¥ of spoons, the Jack of all trades, and the 1/2 card that Sean didn't eat.
4. Deal half the deck to each player. Take turns playing one card at a time. Invent ways for each card to beat another.
5. The game ends when someone loses an eye.

Take 13 pennies and arrange them on a table. The first player must arrange them in a shape of their choosing and announce what the image is. The next player then takes any three pennies and shifts them to make a different image, announcing what the image is supposed to be. If other players disagree with what the image looks like, the player whose turn just ended gets harassed. Also, once an image is used, it can't be used again. Play ends when someone loses an eye.

I've played both these games... though never to completion.
(Mon 29th Mar 2004, 19:30, More)

» Pure Ignorance

Our education system.
In OAC chemistry (that's like grade 13) our teacher asked the class what the product of boiling water was. Someone put up their hand and said "Hydrogen gas and Oxygen gas".

The correct answer is water. You know, steam. Water vapour.

So, we put it to a vote. Of 14 people, 13 said that it was hydrogen and oxygen. That means 93% of Ontario high-school chemistry students don't have a clue about change of state, believing that water simply disassociates at rather low temperatures.
(Fri 7th Jan 2005, 4:32, More)

» People with Stupid Names

At work
there is a man named Carl Annis (actually pronuonced AN-nis, not A-nis). His wife, being an elementary school teacher, naturally declined taking his name at marriage.

I also met a girl whose last name was Arse.

Oh, and I am related (distantly) to a Harry Legg. His mother's name? Margaret.
(Sun 29th Aug 2004, 10:40, More)