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» Weird Traditions

I am a member of an "extreme sports" club
which has over the past 21 years developed the excellent tradition of the Pink Pimms Party. This involves large numbers of people convening in a field in Oxford on May Morning, from 7am in the morning. These people will all arrive wearing head to toe pink, and bearing a bottle of Pimms, which is entered into a vat of lemonade, fruit, and more Pimms. The aforementioned tasty beverage is consumed throughout the day, during which the following will at some point occur:

- Bridge swinging
- Dancing round a maypole
- Firing spud guns at passing punts (and on one occasion, Jeremy Paxman)
- Setting fire to a Christmas tree
- Death slides
- Dry ice bombs

..basically continuing until everyone passes out. Juvenile? perhaps. Fun? very much so.
(Thu 28th Jul 2005, 17:29, More)