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I'm a hell of a lot older than most of the people here, yet just as immature.

email name: squirrel_squad
doh main: Yahoo.com

First picture on B3TA:

For the first time ever Tony had George's full attention

(I did the Sooty on an already altered pic)

other stuff:

Fuzzy Cat

First ever one:

These were taking up so much room, so look at the latest one and work back from there...

Clyde's Jobs

Piglets Static Shell Swine Tusks


morpheus morphs to morph who morphs back to morpheus

Polly, un-saturated

I'll get you and your little R2

When genres collide.
Ivor biggun

for the more broad minded...

Luckily she got silver in the table tennis

QUICKIES - Seeing how fast I can do a post from idea to execution:

(knocked together with Google & Paint in less than 10 mins)
(very well received - despite being rapidly produced tat)

There once was a Burberry Duckling
Whose feathers were chavvy and brown
And all of the birds
In so many words
Said "Pffft get into town"

Done only using Google & Paint in 9 minutes


Tasteless - so went down well on b3ta

more humping

Random Extras:

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Who is that, strolling amidst the cow-pats! It is JcmS, hands clutching an incontinent stoat! And with a throaty harumph, his voice cometh:

"I'm going be all over you so much that wild nurses wouldn't be able to pull me off!"

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» Impromptu Games You Play

Camouflage confusion
Back in the 80's when camouflage clothing was fashionable among a certain type of teen, we had a game when you had to walk into them and say "Sorry, I didn't see you". Points for style, knocking them down etc... As the town centre was crawling with these guys a game could last a whole saturday afternoon.

Not one ever seemed to realise why we walked into them.

Some years later at a chemical plant in Dalry Scotland I saw a safety officer wearing a neon orange suit - so bright it practically glowed. For old times sake I walked into him saying "Sorry, I didn't see you".
(Mon 29th Mar 2004, 19:26, More)