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Behold my secret alter-ego! When duty calls, I transform into
The Fantastically Funky Gibbon.

I graduate classes like it ain't no thang;

hand out beat downs to baboons;

and love the ladies

Job done, I become once again amiable Alan Muggridge,
freelance drinks tray to the rich and famous.

When danger's near
And you got the fear,
When your courage be slippin'
Don't you be trippin'
Put out that ciggy
Cos it's time to get jiggy
With the funky, funky gibbon!

As if proof were needed of just how much the ladies love me, here is a small art gallery dedicated entirely to yours truly, with contributions from the cream of female talent!

Here is a wonderful picture of moi by the delectable Redhotchiligrrl

Here also is a lovely paintmash donated by the incomparable CaroWallis

As a way of thanks, here is one of CaroWallis' great food pictures:

click here for more!

Here are some more lovely pictures of me
which I used to celebrate my 1000th post.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful! ;p

If you wish, you may contact me at aj_muggridge at hotmail dot com

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