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Hmmm. Do you really want to know about me? I don't think I'm that interesting...

I'm a lifelong geek, I like to do a bit of fire-juggling, cycling, reading and obviously spending time with mates and party where possible. I also have a daughter from a previous relationship (8yrs old at time of writing) who is the best thing ever :-D

I work as a carer for the genetically unhinged so no professional cause for photoshopping - I see nature's efforts every day. I do however poddle about with GIMP occasionally so maybe if/when my hummus is strong I'll post summat.

'Til then I'm just lurking enjoying everyone else's talents and having rare uncontrollable outbursts.

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» World's Most Hated Food

Ack! I just remembered - African food
My wife Memory is Zimbabwean. She's very slim, dark and beautiful and possesses many excellent qualities not least of which is her cooking skill, but some of the things that she considers "food" are really quite rank to my frozen and microwaved British palate. Some stuff is merely a bit unusual but easily available here like pigs trotters or ox-tail (ox-tail is very tasty). Other stuff however is frankly bizarre.

Mice anyone? And I mean whole mice as a snack, bones and all. You can spit the teeth out if you want.

You know those massive fat wichity grubs they had to eat on "I'm a celebrity, get me outta here!"? Yep, not quite the same but something similar in black.

And between us, nothing in a chicken need go to waste. The only bit she doesn't like is the meat! Feet, head, giblets and wings are all fair game.

There's lots of nice food aswell and in fairness British cuisine is hardly great. I strongly suspect that her and her mum just enjoy grossing me out with some of these things though. Evil witches.
(Fri 16th Jul 2004, 1:34, More)

» World's Most Hated Food

*ALL* seafood - if it lives underwater I want nothing to do with it, in the same way I wouldn't eat stuff from other planets. It's all so bloody weird!

And sweetcorn - tastes of fuck all and reappears at the other end unchanged, why bother?

And liquorice - just tastes damn nasty. It's plain wrong to sell that stuff in sweetshops as it's clearly devil's toejam.

And marmite - for similar reasons.

And liver/kidneys - what does that bit do again? Oh right. I'll not be wanting to eat that then.

There's probably lots of other stuff I hate aswell but I'm grown up now so I'm allowed.

I love my length and I'm not sorry.
(Fri 16th Jul 2004, 0:57, More)