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» Shoplifting

It's a small crime... and I've got no excuse
So when I was eight (I somehow always envision I was 8 when talking about my childhood), my mom and I were walking along a busy street. When all of a sudden we came across this candy shop, where you'd shop with a plastic bag and scoop out candies in various plastic containers. So, everyone know how kids are - they somehow always manage to crave for anything within their line of sight - and I told my mom I wanted some of those sweets, badly. She outright refused, since we were supposed to be going home. And there we were, waiting at a bus stop nearby. Since the bus took forever to come, I told my mom I'd go check out the stores around.

That was my ingenious plan to slip back into the candy shop to indulge my eyes, at least I thought. Then I heard a whisper from the devil - "The owner would never know if you just stole ONE measly piece of candy, would he?" Moral quickly fails and I masterfully grabbed one of the candy coke bottle out of the containers and into my drooling mouth. Being a kid, I've always imagined myself to be a master of sleight of hands (which I have still yet to achieve to-date), and I've always had a profound love for candy coke bottles. So as I left the store, unnoticed by the owner, I was strutting in pride and joy as if I was the king of the world.

Then all of a sudden I've hit a wall - as if acting on some sort of women's intuition, my mom stood right in front of me. "What is that in your mouth?" she interrogated. Stirred by the sudden intrusion, I uttered "Nothin'!" all the while as the candy escaped from my mouth. I cunningly caught it with my tongue, and pretended it never happened. But it was too late, my mom gave me the evil eye and confronted me, "spit it out! Did you pay for this? Do you know what you've done? I didn't raise my son to be a criminal..." and I felt myself shrinking as she lectures on.

Well there you have it, that was my story. Although I learned my lesson early, it did not convince me otherwise when I also snagged a few more toys in the later future. What can I say, I've had my share of bikes stolen by other bastardly individuals anyways (4 and still counting).
(Fri 11th Jan 2008, 0:17, More)

» When animals attack...

Sometime ago I was on a trip to the sea side, fresh air, lobsters and a great view, what more could I ask for?

Not seagulls. I was on the harbour, enjoying my view, when all of a sudden I see a flock of seagulls, probably 20 of them or more, flying over in a triangle formation. My life flashed right before my eyes, as some of them started bombarding us with biological wastes. I had no idea they do these kinda activities together.

We were running for our lives, it was like Pearl Harbour out there... Now everytime I see a flock of seagulls I automatically seek nearby shelters.
(Mon 6th Jun 2005, 1:00, More)