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Me, 41 and married - in Luton.

After being made redundant in 2009, I am now a teaching Assistant in a main-stream school in Luton.

I cater for children who have a Statement of Educational Need and those who are struggling with school and life, in general .... the pressures are hard but the outcomes and the children are fantastic :D

Fuck the commute to London :)

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» My Collection

Mmmm ... mucus
While at Uni back in the early 90's I developed a delightful chest infection which had me cooped up in bed for a few days.

During this time I managed to collect a pint of snot from my lungs - it was a lovely bright green colour that had an odour like a tramps arse on a hot day.

I tipped it down the wall outside my bedroom window as I thought it too thick to tip down the bog and there it stayed for months

Ah, good times
(Wed 17th Jan 2007, 13:52, More)

» Spoooky Coincidence

Not a great story but involves a cat ... woo
Years and years ago me and folks went away on holiday and after 2 weeks away we came back to find that our cat, Tom, had gone missing after about a week. 3 months passed and we feared the kitty was dead.

Anyhoo, I had a dream about pussy one night. Next day I got up and went to school. I returned later that day and (wonders behold) our kitty had returned. Is that spooky enough ?
(Fri 9th Feb 2007, 12:34, More)