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Just working on this, CSS is all new to me :(

Generally working shitty hours at shitty work, if any fellow b3tans want to chat then msn me on doogal568 at hotmail dot com, ta muchly

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» Shit Stories

Not as bad as one I read earlier but while at a previous job there was a rather large chap (read: fat as fuck) who constantly stank out the sales floor, one time so much that the MD actually had to give him a stern talking to.
I was working at my desk on the ground floor and noticed that there was water running down the wall, turned out that not only had he blocked up the trap he was using but had wedged the enormous piece of shit in the main sewerage system somehow backing up all of the plumbing in the building!
Took a while to sort out as because it had managed to slime its way out of the building and into the public systems the Council had to come and shift it.
That day from that point on was known as 'The Hunt For Brown October'.
(Thu 6th May 2004, 8:54, More)

» Have you ever been rude to a celebrity?

Pretty awful
But very funny, when I was in the Army my squadron luckily got the deep, deep joy of spending 6 months in the holiday haven of the Falkland Islands, on the way down to Brize Norton to get our flight across we stopped off at a service station where we had the misfortune of running into a group of up and coming footballers that were being looked after by a certain Peter Beardsley. One of the guys decided it would be a good idea to get one of them autographed photo's that seem to float about in that level of celebrities bodies, during the time that Peter was asking who the picture should be made out to there was a discussion between a few people about the mystery of Peter's striking appearance and how it can only have come about by his mother mating with some form of simian, about 2 foot from where he was standing! fair play to the guy though as he must have overheard it but carried on regardless.
(Thu 15th Apr 2004, 8:14, More)