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Back panel slide? Night slider special custom.

Once when I was in Salford a chav let off an air horn in my ear and called me a "nipple". I don't think I am a nipple. I didn't like it.

?o ?he?es ?? fucking biscuit ?? ??a?t? pants


Think of this as the introduction to all my posts, animated by herman :D

Made for me by Vodkafiend:

He also made me this, only with less vodka:

And this:


Vodkafiend did the robot and Rapitinui did the animation. I did the cats:

Mofaha handcrafted this lovely creation:

I only feel a tiny bit guilty about causing this:

Not guilty about this at all:

Or this:

Redsushi used a cunning trap to catch Sundrop ):

Then he drew me a stoat:

Antubis animated this:

Ms Morbo give me a stoaty thumbs up:

Griffy Savalas drew this to appologise, in MS Paint while in a hotel bar in Glasgow being watched by a strange Scotsman:

Pimpin' mah bitchsaurs thanks to 2 Can Chunder:

The lovely *f o o f* did a portrait of sundrop:

Bourbon Fox drew me this:

RoyrattleHead did me a dinosaurs:

And he did me this too:

Tahkcalb put together this:

Herman :D gave sundrop an amazing adventure:

And he did this too :D :

Zeltergiset compiled this, my epic treatsie:

Bob Todd did me a dinostoats:

My Haiku phase was a defining period in my life, spanning 21 long minutes and with such classics as "Broken Haiku" and "Qui Gon doesn't like fattys" I hope it touched a lot of people's hearts. Drunken Miss Columbho penned this masterpiece on honour of those past times:
Rainbow dinosaurs
They are things Mu likes to draw
They do rainbow poos

The Goderator made me a salami uniform

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is a Giant Dragon that Hovers Eerily, and has Enormous Tusks.

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I am the Nile!
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30 parts intelligence

50 parts sexeh

3 parts hax
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how jedi are you?
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Sex With Nuns
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