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Pig Fuzz Filth Bizzie Copper Babylon etc etc....completely out of her depth on here.....but likes making pretty pictures with MS Paint and Photo Editor

Perhaps a little too fond of using Doctor Who but I find him funny. And Jesus is inexplicably hilarious. Heathens.

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» My first love

A lucky escape.
My first love was called Gareth. He was the bad boy of the school and my lust bordered on the psychotic. I suppose I was a mini-stalker. I engineered meetings and I was always in the same place he was. He had a look of Donnie Wahlburg from New Kids on the Block, so henceforth I covered all my schoolbooks and folders in pictures of Donnie and perfected copying a cartoon of Donnie from Smash Hits and drew it everywhere. I sat as close to him as I could in lessons, and several teachers warned me of him, more of less saying he was a twat and I was too good for him. I think they had visions of me getting pregnant by him and either being a single mother at 16 or stuck in a grotty council house with him.
All my friends (naturally) said we were made for each other and teh constant brush-offs were a sign that deep down he loved me too.
Eventually, as we got older and neared the end of High School, things began to happen. At 13 I had my first kiss with Gareth.....I was walking home with him and the usual crowd of friends, and I was applying some lip gloss that came free with Just Seventeen that week and he kissed me.
Anybody who was anybody went to the Youth Club on a Friday for the disco, having got tanked up on TNT, MD20/20, Diamond White and K Cider beforehand, and we got into a pattern of walking down for the last bus together, and stopping on the way for a snog and a fumble. Of course this just fuelled me into a frenzy, thinking we were going to start being girlfriend and boyfriend, but of course Gareth denied it on Monday at school, called me a nutter and ignored me until the next Friday disco when the whole thing happened again.
He would flirt with other girls to make me jeleous and I would flirt with other boys to annoy him.
In teh summer after we left school, on a sunday afternoon in July, I lost my virginity to Gareth. It was very disapointing.
We saw each other about town in the pubs and clubs after we left school. I heard he had 2 kids with a girl we used to go to school with.
Then I heard he had ended up in Armley after an incident involving his girlfriend and some bloke who he accused of going with her.
I ended up a policewoman and fucking grateful I never ended up his proper girlfriend.
I saw him a few months ago.
He said he had always loved me at school and did I fancy a shag.
(Sat 22nd Oct 2005, 13:32, More)

» World's Most Hated Food

Tuna is disgusting
I don't care that it's good for you, and every diet in the world insists you eat it by the bucketload in order to lose weight...it's horrible. The smell, the colour, the texture...it has me gypping at 30 paces.
(Tue 13th Jul 2004, 8:31, More)

» Essential Items

Being a woman, I have a handbag
and I have just emptied it to see escatly what I carry round with me on a daily basis.

* Overdue Marks and Spencers chargecard statement

* Lip Balm

* Purse

* Headache tablets

* Tampon (unused)

* Sweet wrappers

* Empty envelope

* Pen lid

* Car Keys

* Receipts

* Car Park tickets

* A chocolate Raisin

* A broken fag which has shattered tabacco everywhere

* Celophane Wrapper from Fag Packet

* Mobile phone

* About £70 quid in 2p coins

Jesus, why do I cart this shit around with me????
(Fri 28th Oct 2005, 20:21, More)