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Ergh, deleted this shit

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» My Christmas Nightmare

Christmas eve shopping, got locked in a shopping center till boxing day.
(Thu 23rd Dec 2004, 17:28, More)

» I was drunk when I bought this

Where shall I begin?
5 meters of 1/2" diameter coolant hose
4 mice balls
A Ford fiesta radiator
2 clock radios
50 "performa" condoms
and a freeview box

Materialised the next day
Numerous cones
Uncounted little yellow lights
A rear bumper (who owns D915RLR?)
and a large inflatable hammer
(Sun 12th Jun 2005, 13:08, More)

» Heckles

Love it!
That is all...
(Sun 9th Apr 2006, 13:30, More)

» I'm an expert

Uber-charging Amigas.
Some of you may already know I stuck a sempron 2300+ in an Commadore AMIGA 1200
(Mon 27th Jun 2005, 19:50, More)

» School fights

The mild-mannered geek
Right. Where to begin. (I appologise now for any lack of coherancy. I'm tired.)

Firstly, I must explain this - I am a (visual) lard ass. End of. But this has its advantages. Mass, mostly. Probably because of my geeky disposition.

This is about 2 years ago.

And I have a HORRIFIC temper. But it takes a fucking shitload to make it "go", so to speak.

Now, this little shite, who we will call Ben, for that was his name, and doesn't deserve anonymity. He had been pissing me about for the last 4 hours on a Friday. He broke my -only- working pen. Great. He broke my calculator. Fine. I can deal with that. Only NOW does he start -literally- drawing on me. With marker.

So. Still calm, and the end of the "lesson" (if thats what you call the shambles on friday period last period), I leave the room (and by now have told him to piss off more times than there are words in the Bible, encarta and a "10 print "cocks" 20 goto 10" program put together.

So as I leave, he starts to follow. I'm not going a normal route, so its just me and him there. And he starts giving me a bunch of lip. I STILL have kept my cool. THEN he trys to punch me and call me a lard-arse. Kaboom. What do I do? I punch him in the face, as hard as I can (visable brusing come monday ^_^), grab him around the waste, hoist him about a foot from the floor (I'm 6 by 5 now. I must have been about half a foot shorter then, and he must have been quite short. Maybe 5, 0.) and literally hurl him at the floor.
Hehehe. And made a hasty exit to avoid consequence. Score? I win. He loses. And I haven't put up with any shit from any stupid chav since. =D Which is great, because I get enough shit as it is.

Edit: Oh yeah, apparently, I gave him "concussion", which I think was an excuse to avoid any more beating. I wouldn't have done any more damage. Felt guilty as it was.

Meh. Every now and then someone mentions it, and this has reminded me for the first time in a long time.

Sorry for wasting 5 minuites of your life. I hope the question is a bit more interesting next week.
(Sat 11th Mar 2006, 22:08, More)
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