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» Accidental innuendo

Pet shops in Pinner?
I dunno, you tell me.

Heh, fat balls
(Tue 17th Jun 2008, 21:53, More)

» Useless advice

What else is there?
Some kind sage once said to me "You take life too seriously."

I mean, if you can think of anything more important than existence then I'm all ears.
(Thu 19th Oct 2006, 14:11, More)

» Scary Neighbours

What I love about Panteneman
What I enjoyed was the railing against "Capitalist fucks", and then complaining he couldn't buy a house.

(Fri 2nd Sep 2005, 9:35, More)

» Take my Mother-in-law...

Clearly someone is going to start a 'Single Men For Rachelswipe' Club soon. :-P

And yes, this is a v.slow qotw. Too many single men as above? ;-)
(Wed 14th Sep 2005, 12:47, More)