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... I'm a student!

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» Shoplifting

Churchlifting, i suppose
I was young, rebellious, blah blah blah. Me and my brother were poking around in the church, passing the time (as you do), when we found a big black cylinder covered in candles. taking a closer look, we discovered two little levers at the bottom, which when they were both pulled, made the middle of the cylinder fall out. It fell on the floor, and spilt £1 coins all over the place.

We took 10 or so each, then left, happy with our investigations. Later, feeling bad, we bought our mum a teddy, with the money, to try and make up for it.

We never stole from that church again.

*we* never did... It was my main source of sweet money, every day on the way to school, for almost a year, til the sneaky buggers padlocked it.
(Thu 10th Jan 2008, 23:37, More)