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Honesty is the best policy.
So I take no remorse in mentioning your an ugly spong.

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» Out of my depth

Stupid ginger boy...
when i was around 6, i was on holiday in cornwall with ma n da, and decided to go for a paddle in the sea.of course.. as predicted.. i couldnt swim.. so just shimmyed around for a bit in the water smiling at strangers and trying not to sink.
i should have looked where i was walking.
next thing i know, im on my back in the bottom of the water with a extremly sore foot and my hands wailing arond helplessly underwater.
I luckily managed to get up, and dragged myself back to the beach where i said to my mum something along the lines of..
"i just nearly drowned mum".
"oh did you, i didnt see, i was talknig to this boy"
i looked over. he wasa little ginger boy with blue speedos.
it was at that moment i figured i should have been adopted.
(Fri 15th Oct 2004, 0:05, More)