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Im a web designer. I work from home.
Therefore, my entire life is made of leasure time.

Im a Spanner, are YOU?

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» Useless Information

Driving on the left
originally, everyone drove (well, rode horses) on the left side of the road, for two reasons: 1)People tend to mount horses on the left, and its safer not to be mounting your horse in the middle of the road
2)If your right handed, then in a fight you want people to be to the right of you, which they would be if you were on the left of the road.

Most of the countries in europe that drive on the left were, at some point, conquered by Napoleon, who insisted on it (I forget why).

I dont know why America drive on the right. Probably just to be awkward.

Also, in times of old when people still went at each other with swords, left handed people were feared, as they were superior fighters. This is because most people would be used to fighting right handed people. So, in a fight between a left handed person and a right handed person, the left handed person would be used to the fighting style, while the right handed person would be all confused.

Oh, and as for the elbow licking thing, I find it dubious. Im only a few milimeters off, and theres people out there with much longer tounges than me.

EDIT:I knew it! Ruddy americans. As bad as Napoleon, the lot of em. Cheers sky blue sam!
(Fri 18th Mar 2005, 11:41, More)

» Losing Your Virginity

Damn good question
It *may* have been a rather dissapointing effort at uni; standard thing, first year, mildly pissed, sudden unexpected nakedness.

However, it also *may* have been a couple of years earlier, at college. I hosted a toga party that got a little out of hand. Drunk-naked-men-running-through-factories-that-are-next-to-my-house-and-being-arrested kind of out of hand. Anyway, I was going out with a nice, if rather odd girl at the time. Nice person, good to look at, but hardly spoke. I swear not more than 2 words passed her lips the entire time we went out. Odd.

Drunk and alone, she was a completely different beast. Unfortunately, due to the large amounts of bevvies consumed by yours truly, all i remember is a view full of nork, then waking up the next day, mother naked.

Too this day, i have no clue whether i did the deed or passed out. Ah well.
(Thu 3rd Mar 2005, 19:51, More)