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i smoke fish - which is one way of saying, i'm a dj - (fish=tunafish=tuna=tunes) , (smoke=drop=use=mix) (=smokinfish)

sometimes i like to have bread with my fish.

sometimes it is not available :(

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» Crap meals out

They meant so well too!
Was recently out for a night out in Leeds, me and a mate showing this German guy around who'd come to meet us, imagine us "showing him how to party English-style" (He wasn't a particualrly great drinker, considering his land of origin invented Lager, but hey.)

So after many late afternoon beers down by the river, and many more Strawberry Beers (Nice!) in another place - and after going to Gatecrasher, walking past Oceana to Creation, then BACK to Gatecrasher, we decide it's high time for a little late night sustinance. Walking past about five curry houses, all shut, I pop into an open one and ask "How long are you open for?" as we were considering walking the length of town to one of the decent ones. They'd be open another half hour or so (there was one couple in and they were about to go I think,) so we trapse all the way to the bottom of town, to find that our favourite places are all closed too, and therefore head back up to the one near Gatecrasher (NOT The Tripti, the other one,) and BEGGED them to stay open and serve us. Phew! Food! Yum, hot n spicy food for my aching beer-filled belly! Until, (shop owner and his wife were trying their hardest to look awake, and kept putting Elvis on their Media Player,) there it was, at the bottom of the rice that I'd just eaten - a long, thick, black hair. Could it be mine?

Nope, mine is short brown.
Tom's? Nope - he's short n brown too.
Denis from Germany? Spiky blond.

The only people in the place with long black hair were the people waiting for our money. I'd nearly eaten asain mop.

I left the money on the table, with the top note *JUST* under the offending hair. We won't be going back :(
(Sun 30th Apr 2006, 20:00, More)

» Little things that turn you on

bordering on a fetish
but nice teeth do it for me - the nicer and straighter then better - so i can envisage them wrapped around my massive throbbing *stops*

er, teeth then.
(Mon 21st Feb 2005, 11:28, More)

» Local Nutters

Harrogate Rudi and local Leeds lass
I remember Rudi! Used to hang around the bus station at going to school time and shout SCHOOOOOOOOOOLIEEEEES very loudly, which made everyone laugh..

There's someone similar in Leeds called Frankie the Horn Guy - goes to various gigs and dances like a spakka blowing two horns that he isn't seen dead without.

Also there's this girl in my local co-op who I quite fancy called Amy who's always moaning loudly about everything, but it kinda endears her to ya, if you know what i mean.. She keeps wearing her hair in pigtails... Mmmm

Still she's not as bad as the guy who used to work there called Kevin who was a bit of a spak, and had very bad black bumfluff on his face and stank - and i mean STANK - of B.O. - I dropped subtle hints to the shop manager about "putting him to work in THE DEODORANT DEPARTMENT *wink*" and now he doesn't work there, dunno why..

Still, Amy does... Mmm pigtails...
(Tue 21st Sep 2004, 21:26, More)