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» Spoooky Coincidence

Back in 2001, I went to a house party of a chap I've know for a while, and is a bit odd.

Anyway, sitting in his garden, having a drink of something tasting suspiciously of apple juice and meths, I see a fellow party goer climbing on the roof the odd guy's house. When he climbed down, I had a quick chat with him about how to open beer bottles with a knife handle, and then made my excuses and left for home.

The next week, I venture to a local paintball site that had recently opened, to grab a pricelist, where I find the roof guy waiting at reception, wanting to book a game for the following weekend. Cue the friendly banter of uncanny coincidences, and off I go.

Two weeks later, I start my degree. I'm waiting outside the lecture theatre for the first lecture of the first day, and who turns up? Roof man. Turns out, he was on the same degree course I was, and it was his first day too.

He's now a very close friend (Well, not that close - he's now in France)

(Fri 9th Feb 2007, 23:26, More)