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» Childhood bad taste

Add another vote for...
Bon Jovi.

I also had a Kappa shirt. And I'm not a wog. Deary me. Someone could have told me, I liked those little men sitting down the side.
(Sat 11th Dec 2004, 8:08, More)

» Walkman Flashbacks

Supermen Lovers - Starlight
When I was waiting at the airport to see my sister off who was going to France (I'm in Australia so that's a big thing....) for three months, it was on in the background.

Whenever I hear it I'm transported right back to then. Thankfully I don't tend to hear it that often though - not the best song ever.
(Thu 24th Mar 2005, 21:42, More)

» Little things that turn you on

Strawberry blonde hair (not quite red!)
Sexy killer eyes
English and New Zealand accents

(Thu 24th Feb 2005, 8:28, More)

» Look! It's me in the Local Paper

I was in the local paper...
for swimming stuff when I was 12. Had a lovely half page article, with picture. I have it scanned, but not on this computer.
(Wed 16th Feb 2005, 9:22, More)

» Near Death Experiences

a few for me...
I nearly choked on a lolly of some kind in a shopping centre when I was about 4. Never have suckable lollies now.

I was away on a swimming camp 3000km from home, and I had a bad throat infection. Swallowing was extremely painful. As I fell asleep at night I wasn't swallowing, so just as I was about to drift off I suddenly started spluttering and coughing - I had nearly managed to drown in my own saliva. I was scared to sleep for that night, and flew home the next day to the wonders home and medicine. Still the scariest night of my life.

I also had a bad ear infection, and had I lived 60 years earlier I wouldn't be here - my great-grandfather passed away of a similar thing.
(Tue 30th Nov 2004, 10:09, More)
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