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MadnessTemple.com is TEH MASTERLAND! Go there.

Click here to see how I shockingly had a bit of a go at B3ta but didn't get flamed as much as I expected!

If you're here for Fantasy League stuff, it's a bit to late for you to enter I'm afraid. Infact, it's finished. That's because YOU ARE A SILLY PERSON. But for those who are interested, I won on the final day. Toodles.
/edit: It is now many months later and I considered taking this off my profile page. I didn't though. You know why? I WON.


Hello. I'm ChimneySweep. I used to be the guy that lived at B3ta Prisoner Cell #18345, but I signed up again to get a learner plate (so people can laugh and point at me shouting 'SPACKER!').

My site is ChimneySweep.tk, and it's currently under reconstruction, so at the moment it looks utter turd-monkeys. Well, it's been reconstructed, but I can't put it up until something happens...

Anyway... have some drawings that people have done of my username...

By Rabid Peanut...

This one is by devilstick

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» The last thing that made me cry

When I put my contact lenses in
once every... say, 2 months they snag and if you hurt your eye is tear is bound to come out. 1 week ago it happened.

/manly response

But, if that doesn't satisfy you, the last time not counting that was probably at Christmas when I realised my brothers weren't gonna be around much anymore. This is odd for me, as there are 5 of us, I grew up with 5 of us and it's now 2. 2 are at uni, other has his own house now. Soon to be 1, but then one comes back from uni and it's back to two. Anyway, I get on really well with my brothers (and my parents) so it's a real shame.

/unmanly response
(Thu 14th Apr 2005, 16:53, More)

» You're a moviestar baby

My brother's girlfriend and best friend of the male existence
has just had an episode of midsommer murders filmed at the their house aired, my next door neighbours are in a soon to be prime time channel 3 on saturday tv series and gremlins 3 is going to be filmed in my village.

(Thu 11th Nov 2004, 19:11, More)