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Update time!

I'm 30 years old nowadays and I live in a place called Dalby in southern Sweden.
Haven't contributed with anything to the main board in aaaages, but I still lurk around /board
once in a while and check /links daily.

Poem for me from Dr.Dyslexia:

Me, by Bilbobarneybobs!
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and now for shoppery! (hurrah!)
have my first post ever:

And my first kitten post on B3ta!!:

Ones I really like:

And I've finally started doing some vectoring

This is my Little pink lab chimp.

and I've been animating some stuff again:

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just remembered

I did a whole bunch of these
(Mon 28th Feb 2005, 22:12, More)

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» Shame

oh god, reading this stuff brings back memories....
Called my teacher Mum when I was 8 or 9.

Started crying while in the lunch line for no
aparent reason (I had no fuckin' idea myself) when I was 12. might be connected with the next

trying to commit suicide by stepping out
infront of a car when I was 13. Ok, the idea
itself is really stupid, but I'm ashamed
because I didn't think about the poor driver of
the car getting the scare (and possibly guilt trip) of a lifetime.

being a bit of a "new age" twat when I was 14

when I was 16 or 17 there was a party that I
got invited to. At this party there was a girl
I knew that fancied me. She was there with a
friend who she had told that she fancied me. of
course I got drunk and wound up behind a pair
of bushes with the friend. These bushes didn't
offer as much cover as we* had hoped and we
where partially seen going at it by most of the
people at the party. Adding to the shame of
this is the fact that the friend was not at all
as good looking as the girl who actually
fancied me. Later I found out that there was
another girl at the party (who was quite fitt)
that fancied me who totally lost interest after
this incident.

*the bushes where her idea....some friend....

everyone loves the length!
(Fri 25th Nov 2005, 13:49, More)

» Your Weirdest Teacher

thought I'd tell you about some of the rest
Eva (we don't call our teachers by their last names here) think it was third to fourth grade. shouted so much at us that she lost her voice and had to go to a doctor for months to repair the damage.

Peter, nervous bloke and had just become a teacher. We had him at the same time as Eva. He couldn't handle us at all and had a nervous breakdown. Poor guy, he had to spend a year at a "special" hospital to keep him from trying to kill himself. He came back after he was let out and said hi to us, he stood in the doorway looking terrified. He wouldn't walk through the door. poor guy never went back to teaching.

Later I've had a biology teacher who was living with his mom when he was 57 years old. his voice was like he had never reached puberty. He had no sence of humour what so ever. He wore the same clothes for three years (as far as I know), every day, and stank of sweat at quite a distance.
One day, while waiting for class to start, our principal came and told us that our biology teacher was sick, and that we could fuck off* (*might not be the exact words he said)
anyway, the next time we had biology the little twat of a teacher started whining about us not coming to his lesson. Aparently he had decided to come to the classroom that day, but half an hour late. we told him about the principal telling us to fuck off, but then he started whining about us listening more to the principal than to him. Finally one of the girls in my class stood up and gave him a good shouting at, which ending in him crying and walking out of the room. After that the tension built up. He could go mental about anything and start shouting and sending people out for no real reason. We had biology as our last class, the last day before graduation. He had said that we could take it easy and watch films those last two hours. We couldn't believe our ears! Had he finally chilled out?
We all sat in dead silence as he showed us two very bleak, depressing films about people who where dying of cancer and anorexia.
when it was over he told us to put the chairs on the desks and then leave...
I could go into detail about this man going nuts over things like one of us using, in his opinion, too much glue while making posters, and then ranting on and on about it for half an hour, but you get the picture.
He is a remarkably miserable man, who should never have become a teacher.

he'd probably go mental over that too.
(Tue 15th Nov 2005, 12:39, More)

» Misunderstood

I must have been around five or six at that time...
I was with my parents and a few of their friends in some german wine district one summer. I think it was the Mosel Valley or something.
anyway they brought me along to a Wine tasting session at a castle where they made the stuff. While the guide was giving a bit of a speach about the history of the place the participants where given a full glass of red wine each, to have something to do while listening to him I guess. I didn't get one since I was a kid, but my mom got one.
the thing about my mom is that she doesn't drink alcohol (she takes a lot of medication due to a medical condition). I knew this, and I assumed that the guide knew this. So who was the extra glass for? why...me of course, I concluded
I grabbed the glass and stood in the back and drank it. after a while my mom turned around to see how I was doing, and saw me standing there with an empty glass....very relaxed.....
I remember my mothers look, and that some of my parents friends found it all very funny.

my first taste of hard liquor was due to another misunderstanding the following summer. but I'll get into that later.
(Tue 11th Oct 2005, 15:57, More)

» Work Experience

For my first summer job I was assigned to work in the harbour office
I think I was about 14 or 15.

I thought it would be ok working in a nice, cool, office for a few months.
The first few days I did normal office work.
Made copies of documents, sorted files, got coffee for the boss.
After just a few days they were out of stuff for me to do. I tried to make myself usefull, but there just wasn't anything for me to do.
So I sat on a stool for two days looking out the window. Finally they came and said that they had found something I could do.
I was thrilled as by that time I was pretty bored.

They sent me out to pull weeds from the cracks in the cement in the harbour. They used to just burn the stuff with a cool flamethrower,
but now they weren't allowed to do that anymore, something to do with the ash from the plants being full of pollution and stuff they didn't want to
fall in the water, so I had to pull the weeds out of the cracks and put them in a bucket.
That's what I did... for three months...
from 8 in the morning to five in the afternoon during one of the hottest summers I have ever experienced.
It took me about two weeks to work my way through the entire harbour area, and after that the weeds had grown back so I had to start all over again.
It was depressing, hot, sweaty, dirty work and I hated it.

the pay?
how does about 2,18 pounds and hour sound?

No I'm not kidding...
(Thu 10th May 2007, 15:23, More)

» Encounters with Royalty

nothing too exciting,
but I shook the hand of the queen of sweden when I was 14.
My dad worked in a village where an artificial lake had been constructed for some environmental project. The queen was there for the opening sceremony and I got to shake her hand and say hello....

told you it wasn't exciting,
now if it had been princess Madeleine....
(Thu 3rd Aug 2006, 15:57, More)
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