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I forgot to renew my domain name www.sausagebird.com some twat bought it and opened a stupid kid doodles upload website..you're more than welcome in uploading various shit there (CDCs, BDCs etc..)

because you b3tans can testfy i am teh creator of the sausagebird (back in 2003 i think) and thus own the intellectual (lol) rights? ok...ok... i forgot to renew..

here's the Official Sausagebird Hymn (Written by (Robotochan0
The Sausage Is A Magic Bird
With Feathers Long And Wavey
It Swims Around The Frying Pan
And Makes It's Nest In Gravy

More than always (if you wish) you can paint/shop me a sausagebird
i'll be glad to host it on this page
mC did teh merguezbird,thanks!
mousing drew IT
Rapitinui ice cold made an amazing sausagebird of paradise
i made a Sausagepoule


And because that poor kate moss is just another victim of the co-lateral damages caused by the fashion warfare.

teh sausagebird factory


you can reach me there /
club underscore cuisine chez yahoo dot france

oh and for those who like dance music made with antic machines & an atari here are a few links to some tracks i made..you can "right click save as" if you like them and you're welcome to share with your mates as long as the filename stays intact ..ok?

    Club_cuisine - Daughters.mp3

Creative Commons License

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» Stupid Dares

my dad told me this true story
happened sometimes in the 70's...
it was a friday night and my dad was having a few beers and playing cards with his workmates at the local bar (next to the river)...

a fisherman entered with a bucket full of fish he had just caught that afternoon. guy drinks a few beers as the locals start asking him silly questions about the fish..where did you get them!?..what kind of fish is this? etc..

a few beers later, someone said: "i bet you a 100 francs (quite a lot back then) that you cannot swallow that small fish alive"..pointing at a 15 cm long Catfish swimming in the bucket.

dude takes said fish tail between his fingers opens a large toothless mouth and starts pushing it down his throat head first..until the fish completely disappears. "WOAW" goes everyone in the pub..pretty impressed...a few seconds later, guy turns red, then blue..fish is obviously stuck in his throat..

he then starts digging into his mouth and tries to pull it out, the more he pulled on the tail and the more the fish would get stuck..fishbones and scales deploying into his throat.

took him a good 2 minutes to die in front of a totally helpless pub crowd.
(Thu 1st Nov 2007, 20:12, More)

» Family Holidays

naturist camp
I used to go with the parents.
(Sun 5th Aug 2007, 2:18, More)

» Conned

botanic ripoff
not really proud of it now that i read it..but hey we were young, stupid and poor..etc

in my city's botanic garden there used to be a gigantic Hemp tree..of course not the right breed for smoking, (used for ropes and stuff).
but the leaves looked & smelled pretty much like the real deal..one night a bunch of friends and I jumped over the garden walls, cut the whole thing (about 4 meters high) we manage to "sort of " fold it in three and place it in the trunk of the 2cv.
later that night we dried it by stuffing leaves into the microwave oven, after about 3 minutes you had like a square kilo of dried "marijane"

we then went on a selling spree on the local coast that summer, visiting various Posh campsites..of course we had some good weed to smoke & make people confident with buying from us.
we sold nearly everything over a few days, some people even asking for more (WTF?..that thing would give you the biggest headache and no hight AT ALL)...on a few occasions we had to run real fast though.
(Tue 23rd Oct 2007, 15:33, More)

» Guilty Pleasures, part 2

i removed the rubber tips on my handle bar..and enjoy damaging the paint from big SUVs that don't leave enough space for Cyclists...even better when they're on the phone while driving

stop at the pedestrian crossing to let grannys pass (I live in france where it is very rare that cars stop at Xings unless there's a red light, but basically the law is the same..pedestrians have priority), preferably at the last moment so the car drivers behind me have to literally jump on their brakes...(i wear a helmet)

oh and best one..when i take a bus or any public transportation and there's a ticket control, i do as if i had lost my ticket, look very embarassed, keep looking in every pocket, then let it go and tell the faux-cop to write me a ticket (hard task in a moving bus) and that i'll pay the fine. then when he hands me the paper for applying my signature, i, like by magic, find the ticket again.
(Tue 18th Mar 2008, 14:55, More)

» Expensive Mistakes

i used to work at the printing factory of the biggest french newspaper. not really qualified for any of the jobs i filled but i lived next door and they found convenient to call me anytime to replace someone that was sick or on vacation.
one night while working at the offset flashing dept. i flashed a page into the wrong edition, there were up to 8 printing machines each inserting different local news pages towards different editions....it took about an hour before the mistake was found and we had to flash and print the whole thing again.

= two hours extra night wages (doubled) for like 200 guys (including me)
said edition being late on delivery, company had to offer a month free on the subscriptions because people didn't get their paper delivered at home in time.

they tried to kick me out but they found out i had worked two shifts that day which is totally illegal...and worker's union stood behind me=)

i apologised saying i felt trully bad for wasting so much paper that was made from trees.
(Thu 25th Oct 2007, 13:02, More)
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