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» Sacked

it was a long time ago I promise...
I worked for a well known supermarket chain at the age of 16.

In my spare time though, i leaned towards 'helping' provide acquaintances with, shall we say, herbal smoking remedies (it was the early 90's - everyone did it, thats my xcuse!).

Anyway, I worked in the cigarette kiosk in the evenings and before mentioned acquaintances would come in, ask for the usual 20 bensons and a packet of king skins and would receive a little extra in return. One day the security guard (who was a friend up until then) mentioned that him and his mates liked a good smoke most evenings and so I offered by services (as you do). We arranged for a small delivery the next evening.

So the following evening came, and I gave him the nod that all was 'sorted'. Next thing I know, I'm being frog marched up to my locker which was then searched by Mr friendly security guard, store manager and HR manager. A small investigation followed in the manager's office and the security guard was instructed to dispose of the green, smelly merchandise after escorting me off the premises. He put it under his hat (!) and walked me out the back door where, once outside, he gave it all back to me!!! I thanked him for the totally pointless exercise.

As you can guess, I got the sack. Thankfully, they didn't report me to the fuzz, which was lucky, as I was already on Police Bail for similar offences!!!
(Wed 1st Mar 2006, 13:50, More)