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Being silly keeps you young.


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(Thu 16th Sep 2021, 20:15, More)

It's ....
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(Thu 2nd Sep 2021, 16:57, More)

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(Mon 23rd Mar 2020, 18:58, More)

"I know it was you, Margo ... "

(Sat 15th Feb 2020, 16:29, More)

(Wed 20th Jun 2018, 21:09, More)

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(Tue 1st May 2018, 13:52, More)

Dunno about you, but this is my earliest memory

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(Wed 22nd Nov 2017, 23:40, More)

the day has come

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(Thu 26th Oct 2017, 19:05, More)

Life Of Brains

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(Wed 25th Oct 2017, 19:42, More)


(Wed 25th Oct 2017, 18:51, More)


(Fri 22nd Sep 2017, 21:43, More)

Don't Do It

(Tue 19th Sep 2017, 17:07, More)

We're going to need a bigger bus...

(Mon 26th Jun 2017, 16:56, More)


(Mon 19th Jun 2017, 22:58, More)


(Sat 10th Jun 2017, 17:13, More)

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(Sun 28th May 2017, 16:49, More)

Make June The End Of May. Burn The Witch!

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(Sun 28th May 2017, 16:09, More)

The Hand Of Trump

(Wed 24th May 2017, 20:04, More)


(Thu 18th May 2017, 16:32, More)


(Wed 3rd Jul 2002, 19:05, More)

bandwagon! yay!

(Wed 22nd May 2002, 18:16, More)

so many to choose from!

(Fri 17th May 2002, 12:22, More)

spazzed out?

shameless. spaz on in. you know you want to.
would anyone be interested in the potatoshop file for this to do your own spaz? i think i see a flying cat trying to spaz out there somewhere. potato
(Fri 17th May 2002, 9:56, More)


(Thu 16th May 2002, 15:15, More)

stick 'em up

(Thu 16th May 2002, 13:03, More)

coo-eeee!!! over here!!!!

(Thu 16th May 2002, 11:55, More)

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» I'm Sorry I've Written A Joke

Every new computer I get seems to come installed with a very posh AI with no name. I hate it.
I called support, but they told me to try Turing a Toff anon again.
(Tue 8th May 2018, 10:17, More)

» I'm Sorry I've Written A Joke

Copulation is best learnt the hard way.

(Sun 29th Jul 2018, 17:02, More)