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I like to play music.
I like to draw pictures.
I like to write.
Am I Wry? No.

Lookeeee its me by devilstick

Lookee its me by naive amoeba

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stupid chavs
picture it, on a bus.. a small group of idiots towards the back have given you a 7 minute rendition of 'skater boi' by avril lavigne. i was pretty restless at the time, was quite late.. wanted to get home.

then we passed a small cafe alongside the road.

"ahh, that guy opens at like 7am, i mean who eats at 7? what a fuckin twat"

"yeah, if he just opened like 2 hours later, he'd save loadsa money"

"cos like electricity is like fuckin 17p an hour or something, so thats like 34p a day"

"and 365 times 34 is like.."

at this point, the mens brains slowed to a crawl, clearly perplexed over the equation, it seems as if they would have to resort to shoes and socks off for extra digits.. stunted mumbling later, the end result was about three thousand pounds past the answer.. i can't even fathom how they reached that..
(Thu 10th Jun 2004, 23:15, More)