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I'm the Horned One. The Devil. Let me give you my card.

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Too much?

It's the seamless editing that made it a classic.
(Wed 21st Mar 2007, 22:44, More)

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» Office Christmas Parties

Office parties, meh.
No such hijinks for we self-employed types.

On t'other hand, it was a nice sunny afternoon yesterday, so I went for a stroll through the woods with my lady, thence to the pub.
(Thu 16th Dec 2004, 15:34, More)

» Teenage Poetry

I used to write deliberately bad poetry, just to be awkward.
One nearly won the school Green Society's poetry competition, until someone noticed it was apparently written by 'A Moron' -
'Trees are nice
Industry is crap
Why can't we be flowers?'

Another one was put into the school magazine. It was about aliens deciding not to destroy the world because of all the children laughing. It was long. It was bad. It began -
'Across the time-frozen nebulae
The onyx tetrahedron glided.'
and went downhill from there.
(Thu 11th Aug 2005, 15:30, More)

» Inappropriate crushes

off of The Word. She was nice.
(Thu 28th Sep 2006, 23:08, More)

» Fancy Dress

Student animal-themed fancy dress party. Being habitually lazy, I wear a rolled-up balaclava with a mallet pushed through the eyeholes. Voila - a hammerhead shark.

A friend went as a shag.
(Fri 13th Jan 2006, 11:00, More)