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Autobigraphy: Short trousers; discovery of beer; wannabe guitar hero; robotics science dude; got kittens; w*rk; b3ta; got married; having a cup of tea.

Likes: kittens, real ale, rock, ladies, b3ta.

Dislikes: religion, salad, monday, dado rails, fear.

Favourite cup of tea: Pint mug, with two tea bags; one Ceylon, and one Early Grey, milk and no sugar.

Favourite Office Lunch: BUFFET IN A BOX. (The Lunch of Kings! To make, take a trip to your local supermarket, buy some sausage rolls, mini scotch eggs, pork pies, cocktail sausages, roast chicken drumsticks. Over the course of the working week, fill a lunchbox with a variety of these delights, together with anything else you might have hanging around: cheese on cocktail sticks, slices of left over pizza, half a Ginsters pasty, etc.)

Mostly listening to: Oceansize, Mono, Muse, Biffy Clyro, 65 Days of Static, JJ72, Live.

Favourite Cheese: Smoked Applewood (hand-rolled in paprika).

Mostly watching: Takeshi's Castle, Deadwood (best sweary programme on telly), the excellently strange Carnivale, and still enjoying the ridiculously dubbed Merlin 1-2-3 infomercial on the tellyshopping channels.

Star-sign: Chorlton and the Wheelies

Lucky sausage: Cumberland

Avg. darts score: 26

Catchphrase: "MONKEYS!"

Favourite Potato: King Edward

Favourite Cigar: King Edward

Favourite Monarch: Henry V

Ta, TGA!


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I also spend a ridiculous amount of time on the board talking about food and cooking. Here are some of my favourite recipes I can find in the archives:

Toasted sandwich
Party food: Chilli/Bolognaise/Vegetarian French Bread Pizza
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Pepperami as a storecupboard ingredient
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...and lastly, the best wine to serve with oven chips

CompoStats Archive

I the past, I used to count-up the b3ta challenge stats and plot a little graph of the findings every week. But then I gave the job up; Prof. UC takes up the story.... Here's the archive, regardless:

Bad public art
What not to buy for mother's day
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Some other posts what I have made:

"Domo in oils" update: After several months of drying out, Domo has now been varnished, and will be framed as soon as I can find the time, and a suitably cheesey frame (I'm thinking, something large, ornate, and sprayed gold).

More painting...

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» Local Nutters

Although I remember Marigold from Norwich (mentioned previously) at the moment the only one I personally have knowledge is the little old lady who (unfortunately) often takes the same bus in Leicester as me; spends the whole of every journey swearing like a trooper, usually arguing loudly but unintelligebly with her reflection in the bus window.

However, a friend of mine told me about an ex-boyfriend of hers who actually shared a house with the neighbourhood nutter (I think this was somewhere around Norfolk again)... He would shout at people for stealing something, say, an oven glove, and when they looked, the nutter had actually nailed the item to the outside of the house.Then they discovered the lady who came to see the nutter was actually his social worker, and he was on probation for multiple arson attacks.
The landlord evicted him.
The flat-mate went away for the weekend while the eviction took place and came back to find the nutter had broken into his food cupboard and inflicted multiple stab wounds on a grapefruit, and crushed his weetabix with a hammer. His comment was, "better that than my head".
(Fri 17th Sep 2004, 10:02, More)