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'ard as nails... apparently.
(Tue 25th Mar 2003, 16:43, More)

Optimistic pessimist...
...the harsh filming schedule left its mark on gandalf.
(Mon 24th Feb 2003, 13:24, More)

when they awake...
...be very far away!
(Thu 31st Oct 2002, 12:03, More)

mini-koala attacks dog!
he's outta his tree!!
(Thu 5th Sep 2002, 22:12, More)

couldn't resist
(Sat 27th Jul 2002, 14:06, More)

come to kitty...

clicky for original cat pic
(Sun 7th Jul 2002, 11:49, More)

by me

(Sat 8th Jun 2002, 14:17, More)

for lumpbucket
quick n dirty as they say...

(Fri 7th Jun 2002, 10:26, More)

do people always leave out the giraffes?

(Tue 28th May 2002, 14:06, More)

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