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» Lost...

Best phone ever...
It must have been about 7 or 8 years ago, when GSM mobile phones were still pretty new in the UK that I decided to bite the bullet and "invest" in a fancy "cutting edge" Nokia 1610 handset on a Vodafone contract... anyway, after owning the phone for a couple of months (and hardly daring to use it because of the ridiculous call costs back then) I realised that I still hadn't recieved a bill from them, more time passed, and after six months I came to the conclusion that Vodafone had "lost" my account on their system, and so I started to let all my mates use it as much as they wanted. Two years later, and the phone was almost constantly in use - even up to the point that I was "renting" it for a fiver a night to the Indian students next door so they could phone their families in India for hours on end. Then one day the inevitable happened, whilst trying to climb into a boat, and with the "magic" mobile precariously sitting in my shirt pocket, I leaned forward, and with a sickening "plop" the phone dissapeared into the unsanitary depths of the wharf in the centre of Lincoln (to the obvious amusement of the group of tramps and booze-hounds that were sitting on the bank drinking cider), Anyway, after hours of wading about in the filthy water I still couldn't find it, and had to resign myself to paying for phone calls again... at least they never did bill me for the calls.
(Sat 4th Dec 2004, 11:16, More)

» Office Christmas Parties

Wimpy bar
- Many years ago, whilst working at a Wimpy franchise in Lincoln, Our boss came in on Christmas eve and made all of the staff gather round so he could distribute our christmas cards, after doing so he winked, and told us we might find a "nice surprise" inside our cards. As we were all working for about 3 pounds an hour, we got quite excited that there might be 10 or even 20 inside. As soon as he left we all opened the card, only to find a voucher which entitled us to "250 off any Princess line cruise costing over 2000" - The icing on the cake was when I spotted that the vouchers had expired almost a year ealier. - Twunt.
(Mon 20th Dec 2004, 11:57, More)