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Hello there, welcome to my profile, it's really not very interesting, sorry. My name is David, I'm 26 I be from Glasgow, but currently reside in the London area where I have the best job ever. (but still want to be back in Glasgow)

I used to be on talk a fair amount, then I went away for a bit, then I was back, then I went away again, now I'm back again. I have now lost track of how many breaks I have taken from this place. If you're reading this though, odds are you've clicked on my name, which means that I am currently here...yay!

I have websites, they're a bit shit, I also use MSN, Google Talk and Skype, so Gaz me if you wish to contact me on any of these for some strange reason. I also use Facebook, but have no one from here on it, I don't know why I even mentioned it really.

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» I just don't get it

Going out and
spending a lot of money getting so drunk that you can't remember all the fun you had....just so you can spend the whole next day feeling like shit while you complain about how crap you feel and how broke you are.
(Sat 2nd Apr 2005, 1:22, More)