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Hi there, I'm Mike, 25 26 27 28, with not a lot of no computer shoppery talent but hey, thats what the talk board's for. :)
I have been married to Mel for the past 5 and a bit years and we have four children, Jack & Daniel, Kayleigh, William and now Christopher.

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If you want to contact me, my email is below. Feel free to drop me a line, I may even mail you back.
michael.j.hartley AT gmail.com
or msn me
[email protected]

I've got one of those myspacey things aswell now, www.myspace.com/michaeljohnhartley

I live in Carlisle, UK after escaping from a crap job and finding a more enjoyable one, but Glasgow will always be classed as home.

I have been drawn by FluffehNinja, see &darr&darr&darr

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» Out of my depth

Virign Radio c. 1992
I was about 12, and really faniced this girl in my class. I went so far as to write her anonymous poems.
Anyhoo, Nick Abbott was doing his phone-in show on Virgin Radio, and silly me phoned up to talk about my infatuation with this girl.

Nick proceeded to take the complete piss out of me and I clammed up, pretended that I had got cut off I shut up and just listened as Nick said to me "I know you're still there, I can hear you breathing".

I promptly hung up. Next day practically the whole school (including the girl I liked) had listened to me and my life was hell.

I have never phoned another radio show, and never will.
(Sat 16th Oct 2004, 13:14, More)

» Useless Information

Until 1997, there were more pigs than people in Denmark
And a geeky one for you - Multiply 37,037 by any single number (1-9),
then multiply that number by 3.
Every digit in the answer will be the same as that first single number
get that calculator out, you know you're going to check ;)
(Thu 17th Mar 2005, 15:45, More)

» Little things that turn you on

my wife
she is only 5' something, so technically she is a little thing that turns me on ;)
(Mon 21st Feb 2005, 15:19, More)

» Teenage Poetry

God I can't believe I am going to share this
In High School, It's fair to say I had a bit of a crush on a fine female called Lindsay, she played the flute and we were in the school band together.
Anyhoo, I sent her poetry (to no avail) and below is a sample:
"Lindsay when you play the flute
It makes your whole face seem so cute
To kiss you would be sheer bliss
but I can't get near your gorgeous lips"
There were others, but this is the only one I remember, and if the rest were as bad then I'm not surprised she had no interest in me.
oh, and also my talking* to Nick Abbot on Virgin Radio about it may not have helped :(
*read as: me stuttering and him ripping the piss out of me

(Fri 12th Aug 2005, 14:44, More)

» I just don't get it

Sideshow Bob + Stepping On Lots of Rakes = Comedy
Could someone please explain to me why that scene is funny?
And where did the idea come from? is it a reference to a film that I'm just not getting?
(Mon 4th Apr 2005, 9:48, More)
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