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» You're a moviestar baby

Mass hysteria
There I was, walking through Borough market, when hundreds of girls in short skirts started climbing out of manholes and dancing along the street. I had to find another way through and was late for a meeting as a result. Much later I found out it was a Rachel Stevens video, rather than mass hysteria. Oddly I don't remember seeing a camera in sight, or the lass herself. I may appear somewhere in the background, probably looking mightily pissed-off, but you can't really spot me.

Also singing "happy birthday" in the background of a local evening news story.

Oh, and I was in a crowd scene of boys pretending to be Etonians for some 80s TV series (can't remember which one).

I'm on a roll now ... a 3 second clip of me playing in an ITV regional news item about the local Eisteddfod.

Oddly enough my job involves appearing on TV a bit, but these will be the stories I tell my grandchildren.
(Thu 18th Nov 2004, 14:33, More)