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Your typical bookshop lady: quiet, reserved, does that sexy take-off-the-glasses-let-loose-the-hair thing quite well, though.

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» Pet Stories

How to get tar off of a cat
My friend and I were about to go out for a bit of shopping when we saw a pitiful face through the screen door. Her cat, Tigo, had apparently gotten up on a neighbor's freshly-tarred roof and ended up with patches of sticky tar all over his belly, legs and...er, tomcat bits. We took poor Tigo into the bathroom and gave him a bath with shampoo, dishwashing soap, anything we could think of. The first bath worked a little bit. Small clumps came off in the wash but not enough. We bathed him again while the cat howled in protest. I'm sure he thought it was punishment or we were going to waterboard him or something. The other cats watched from the doorway, probably thinking the same thing. Still, after 3 or more baths, there was still a lot of tar left on the cat. So she called the vet. He told us to use suntan oil -- not lotion but oil-- to break up the tar. Luckily, she happened to have a bottle of the stuff from a long-ago vacation and lo, it worked. The tar turned oily and washed right away. And Tigo was the softest kitty in the world after that. Like cashmere.
(Sat 9th Jun 2007, 2:35, More)

» People with Stupid Names

Unfortunate names
My first gynocologist was named Dr. Beavers. I kid you not.

Then there was a woman who said her name was "Wivonee" When asked how to spell it, she replied "Y-V-O-N-N-E." Apparantly her mother had read the name in a romance novel but had no clue how to pronounce it.
(Sat 28th Aug 2004, 4:03, More)

» This book changed my life

The God Delusion
It didn't convert me so much as shore up what I'd already felt. It's lonely being an atheist in Texas and at the time, there wasn't much pro-atheist literature about. I read it and thought "Yes, that's it!" It has indeed changed the way I see the world and for the better. I'm actually much happier as an atheist than I was as an agnostic.
(Fri 16th May 2008, 4:03, More)

» Phobias

It's not so bad now, but as a kid, I was always extremely paranoid about balloons popping. Birthday parties were a misery if balloons were present, since other kids thought it was great fun to pop them

Now that I'm 37, I'm only afraid of being around while they're being filled (by lung or by helium machine-- either way my heart starts racing.) I had to inflate balloons for a party recently using a helium thingummy, and I would only inflate them part-way, so all over the room, there were these small pitiful little balloons hovering in the air.

And please don't write or draw on balloons! Those pens can be sharp! *sweatdrop*
(Thu 10th Apr 2008, 22:31, More)