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Dave the Hat is a balding, 52 year old living near Northampton, England. (home of the Derngate theatre, home of Brian Blessed's 2004 panto, Aladdin - don't worry, you'll have heard it in Dorset)

DTH lists his hobbies as playing the banjo, piano, clarinet and double bass in a variety of Jazz bands. He has recently been given a trombone which he is learning has learned to parp.

His beautiful wife, The Lovely Hilary, is his main reason for living although DTH sees beauty in just about everything.

Yippee! Now what did I come upstairs for . . . ?

That Bez! He's such a potty-mouth! What is Bez calling you?

The thread can be found here!

The lovely Prodigy69 had a word with her madge and got me a knighthood!


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