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A couple of vectors what I done...

I drew this for the incredibly intelligent, attractive and talented SugarSpunSister

after she made me some of these:

And here is the series they are based on:

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» Pure Ignorance

I can make wee come out of my bottom
"Lard?" I said, one sunny afternnoon at the Glastonbury festival, after much chonging.
"Yes?" Replied Lard (for that was my good friends name)
"You know when you reeally, really need a wee, and just as you're about to go, you sort of hold it back, and strain, and it really hurts, but you sort of push it back down, and it comes out of your bum instead?"
"Oh good. I thought it was just me who could do that."
"Really? I thought it was just ME! I guess its one of those things that nobody really talks about"
"OH MY GOD!" Goes Lard's girlfriend "No FUCKING WAY can you do that!"
"Yeah," I say, "I guess its just a bloke thing"
"Its true," Agrees Lard.
"Wow! Thats fantastic!" Lards girlfriend is awed at the fantastic feats the male body is able to perform.

The phone rings. I Answer.
"Hello. Its Lard. I'm going to tell her the truth. She's embarrasing me at the pub."
I hear him explain that no, men can't actually wee out of their bottoms. I hear a muffled slap. The phone goes dead.
they split up not long after that.
(Sat 8th Jan 2005, 0:04, More)

» When I met the parents

The first time I met my girlfriends dad
We were both drunk (me and my girlfriend), back from the pub, about to stumble up the stairs, when her dad, in his threatening irish voice shouts "WHAT ARE YIS DOING WITH MY DAUGHTER?". I freeze...Turn round slowly, crapping myself...He grins, laughs, slaps me on the back and goes "Good man!" and wanders off. True story.
(Thu 19th May 2005, 19:35, More)

» School fights

Not really a big fight, but prolly my most memorable.
Musta been about year 5 or 6. At lunch. Matthew picks up my bottle of Panada Pop and 'hilariously' shakes it up so it'll a-splode when I open it. I do the only sensible thing - Open it and tip it over his head.
He tried it again about a week later, convinced I wouldnt do the same thing twice. This time I see him going for my stuff and pre-empt him.

I twatted him around the head with my Transformers lunch-box.
(Fri 10th Mar 2006, 19:12, More)