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hello im mr fancyteeth, also known as Mr wellington, i work with Mr Mantlepies and hes also known as Mr Peters.


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He's good at this game

(Fri 25th Nov 2005, 12:38, More)

Sound advice from the London Met

click for bigger
(Thu 25th Mar 2004, 12:36, More)

So many hams to choose from

yet she always buys the same one
(Thu 13th Nov 2003, 13:04, More)

if anyone's interested

(Thu 27th Feb 2003, 14:08, More)

She drives like a beauty

but shes a sod to park

(Wed 26th Feb 2003, 10:55, More)

I'm giving very serious thought
to pulling this string

(Tue 21st Jan 2003, 15:36, More)

i didnt know
the chuckle brothers did merchandise

(Wed 20th Nov 2002, 22:23, More)

These new ostriches are great
they lay lead eggs

(Thu 14th Nov 2002, 12:42, More)

Our ashtrays are a bit tasteless

(Wed 13th Nov 2002, 14:55, More)

the kids loved the welder at the school party

(Wed 18th Sep 2002, 17:12, More)

The underground has some lovely beaches

(Tue 20th Aug 2002, 13:03, More)

'Can you see the light'

(Fri 7th Jun 2002, 13:14, More)


(Mon 27th May 2002, 14:49, More)

careful david

(Mon 27th May 2002, 0:06, More)

its gonna be big
big in success and big in file size
(Wed 22nd May 2002, 13:56, More)

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