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» Buses

Depressed bus driver
I used to catch a little local bus in Pontypridd that drove up to the University of Glamorgan (used to be the School of Mines!). The driver was a nice chatty fellow, until one day I got on, and weirdly, no-one else was on the bus. The driver seemed to be going rather fast and swerving round the corners of these narrow little valley streets. I tried to talk to him and realised he was crying, just before we took a hairpin turn onto a bridge with a rather large drop onto the track below. We *did* just make it, and fortunately my stop was the next one after that. He didn't succeed in killing himself, but I'm sure he was considering it!
(Sat 27th Jun 2009, 23:39, More)

» Scars with history

I'm really pale skinned, so my scars are really hard to see once they're a few years old, but I have a lovely big one near my right armpit that took 10 stitches to close from when I was 8 years old, and fell down the stairs, stabbing myself with my brother's Buck Rogers space ship. It hurt like hell, but it was weird, because there was no blood! It was just a big pink, gaping hole. IN MY ARM! Something about the shape of the nose of the ship, I think. I got stitched up, but my drunken dad never took me back to the hospital to get a checkup, so the stitches burst, and I had to spend weeks making hospital visits to get some weird sulphur thing stuck in my arm.

I also have a lovely long scar on my right knee from surgery to screw my leg together after a tree fell on me, breaking my leg, ankle in two places, collar bone, and fracturing my skull.

Plus I have a long thin scar on the back of my right hand from a scratch fight with Michael Zoryk when I was 10. He was sorry and gave me cherry lip balm to rub on it, which was nice of him!

Last November, while half asleep (not drunk at all!), I slipped on the stairs, and bounced down on my arse, unfortunately catching my right little toe in the banister. Here is a pretty picture of it..

(Sat 5th Feb 2005, 20:39, More)