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Hello, you seem to be reading my profile. Errm. Hmm. Well, I have a website. which is


(hence my username)

I enjoy lauging, writting rubbish in forums (just take a look at mine (www.forum.mrtinybrain.com).

What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Defender-ship.I am a Defender-ship.

I am fiercely protective of my friends and loved ones, and unforgiving of any who would hurt them. Speed and foresight are my strengths, at the cost of a little clumsiness. I'm most comfortable with a few friends, but sometimes particularly enjoy spending time in larger groups. What Video Game Character Are You?

I think i will update this sometime, but for now this will do!

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» Barred

not me, but a classic composer gets barred.
Barman says, get out you're barred...and never come bach.

(sorry, i just made that up, as I saw the collection of crappy baa'd Brad jokes :P)
(Fri 1st Sep 2006, 0:01, More)

» Crap meals out

France; Best food in the world (my arse)
On a school trip to Paris last year. We stayed in a hotel on the outskirts of Paris to save on food. This was some of the food we got.

Smash Mash pomme de terre avec raw poulet dans a heinz soup tomato sauce. (fake mash with raw chicken and heniz soup tomato sauce).

Me being apsolutly starved ate about 4 other peoples meals ...and got tomato sauce all over my face. Yummy!

Though we did get our own back! We trashed most of the rooms (the top bunk of one, I jumped through another - stupid bed if i can take the force for a 13 stone 15 year old, pulled of curtains,etc.)

We then blaimed it on the hotel and the school complain about the facillities - fucktastic!
(Fri 28th Apr 2006, 17:58, More)

» Jobsworths

Not me, but a friend!
A friend, who shall stay nameless...told me today about his ordeal on getting some stuff from the local shops.

He had a "special" 50p, similar to the £5 coins you could buy at the dome!

He tryed buying something, which came up to £10.50, he gave the £10 note, and this 50p...they thought it was fake (the 50p not £10). He got a bit annoyed and starting ranting and raving about it being legal tender, etc...he then gave them a different denomination of money..and he got 50p change.

What really made my smile was, the 50p they gave him was the same sort as the one they wouldn't accept from him...he then joked that he shouldn't accept it, then left!
(Tue 17th May 2005, 23:32, More)

» You're a moviestar baby

Not really a movie but one time in wales when I was about 9 or 10 years old, we spoke to these people while climbing some mountain. When we got to the top they decided to film me. I can't remember much, but i do remember that later on they gave us some cake as they didn't want it! Yummy :)
(Fri 12th Nov 2004, 19:31, More)

» Fire!

Cub Scouts
When i was a cub scout we were trying to get a bonfire going to burn our make shift guy fawks...it just wouldn't light!

Window deicer and WD40 didn't help either....but that spare sofa went down a treat....screw those do not burn lables :)
(Fri 4th Nov 2005, 22:16, More)
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