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I do tattyshop and Imageready, but my hummus waxes and wanes.

My 'shopping has suffered recently due to discovering the B3ta gaming community. I now spend much of my online time shooting at like-minded b3tards. And missing. Try a fluffeh and light-hearted approach to gaming, rather than "zOMG STFU n00b"!

5punk - the gaming equivalent of a kickaround in the park.
5punk: B3ta Gamers

I also listen to FTL FM

This is me humping a gun. Arf.

I've made myself a Woo/Yay/Houpla counter. I can't be bothered updating it any more though.

Interesting fact: That's actually my car stereo. Don't nick it please.

My first post. It RedExed at random. Arse.
Morris loved his new bike...

But he couldn't reach the pedals yet.

All great films would be better with zombies in...
Top 100 films No2:

Well, he's been good today...

He picked the worst day to pick up the wrong parachute.

And, for something a little different:

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I know a bloke at work called Dick Kidd. Most people are fairly tactful but one Geordie bloke I work with loves lazily pronouncing his name Dickidd.
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