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my floppy disc project

I'm from California, but I'm at Uni in Leeds for a year. hooray for studying abroad. :P

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clyde would always steal the slower pond-dwellers things

off to bed... night eeveryone
(Fri 30th May 2003, 6:09, More)

no idea

edit: now with tag rotation
(Thu 22nd May 2003, 23:40, More)

I'll be your friend, but... in the mean time, can you feel The Love

in the mean time, can you feel The Love?

edit: Thank you magic donkey!
(Sun 13th Apr 2003, 7:01, More)


(Thu 27th Feb 2003, 18:19, More)

I have just spent the past five hours
on an imageready project of spectactular crappiness. its rather large, but please inspect

here it is again a bit smaller

Widescreen for those on broadband(3meg)
cropped and with no diffusion(.5 meg)
fyi, thats me as the T1000
(Tue 25th Feb 2003, 1:41, More)

Dance, Daleks, Dance

Clicker for longer but bigger
(Thu 23rd Jan 2003, 19:31, More)

Before they became unionized, mice were stuck in deadend jobs

(Wed 4th Dec 2002, 6:36, More)

Michelangelo's original idea

was a little more playful
(Wed 6th Nov 2002, 7:05, More)

Animals can play dress up too

(Wed 6th Nov 2002, 5:08, More)

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