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» Near Death Experiences

Christmas decoration shocker!
I suppose I remembered this coz mine are about to go up...
When I was young and in need of money I worked for Argos as a Xmas temp. My very first job was to put up the shop decorations with another first day at work lad. I had the job of putting the lights on the enormous Xmas tree at the front of the store. Unfortunately the other lad had wired up two sets of lights with two plugs together rather than separately. So when he plugged in one of the plugs, the hand that was holding the other closed the circuit. That hand was mine and i was 10 feet up the steps at the top of the tree at the time. I remember thinking Oh f*ck Im going to fry on top of a Xmas tree and The Sun headline will call me a fairy or something. I dont remember much else from that morning apart from a burning sensation that went right up to my elbow. I was shaky but carried on working. I always get someone else to put up my Crimbo decorations now...
(Mon 29th Nov 2004, 14:29, More)