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» Have you ever paid for sex?

I have.
As a 17 year old in Amsterdam (15 years ago), walking along with a couple of mates. This girl, a devastating vision of physical beauty offered her services.

You should have seen her, Aphrodite she was.
I figure that outside of whoredom, no girl so beautiful (about 5' 10", slim, small waist, big hips, breasts like Jamie Lee Curtis in Trading Places, blonde, blue eyes, smile that would dazzle god) would be bothered with me so I figured, why not?
She was fan-tast-ic. Unhurried, conversational, affectionate. She made me a cup of tea and everything. She was a student who was looking to earn a little money, enjoyed the job, chose her punters.

Couple of nights later, saw her as we were coming out of a brown house. She recognised me, remembered my name, let me buy her a drink and gave me a freebie back at hers.

Apologies for it not being funny or urban legend-esque or outré.

And if she didn't make me apologise for length, don't think I'll apologise to you.
(Thu 19th Jan 2006, 15:09, More)

» Ignoring Instructions

Before Anita Roddick became a cunt, I used to use Body Shop stuff.
It occurs to me that if a thing smells of something it should taste of it. Blithely disregarding Cunty Roddick's instructions not to consume the Mango and Kiwi thing for washing with that smells more edible than anything, I tasted it. Cue me running about shouting "Euuuurgh it taysh 'orrible" while my ever patient woman rolled her eyes at my idiocy.
This went on for months. Coconut scrub? Smells of coconut, tastes of soap. Strawberry soap? Smells of strawberry, tastes of soap. Kiwi and lemon balm? Smells of Kiwi and lemon, etc etc. NOTHING tastes how it smells, how is that ever right?

Apologies for length- don't eat it.
(Mon 8th May 2006, 18:34, More)

» Secret Santa

Always the same
I always buy a rubber chicken. Whether the spend is set at £5 or more, whether the receiver got me last year, no matter the circumstance, regardless the theme.

Secret Santa = Rubber Chicken.
(Fri 15th Dec 2006, 16:28, More)

» Have you ever paid for sex?

For those who didn't read it properly, the qotw is "Have you ever paid for sex?"

It isn't "would you like to get uptight and judgemental?"
(Thu 19th Jan 2006, 15:35, More)

» School fights

Neither big nor clever.
Got into a fight, won fair and square- but being only 14 I couldn't control the red mist. I not only won the fight but repeatedly smashed my antagonist's head into a pillar.

I got expelled, years of counselling and evaluation and so on. The other guy is still a mess after 18 years and I haven't thrown a punch in anger since.

Sorry it's not funny or anything.
(Sun 12th Mar 2006, 22:31, More)
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