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» Evidence that you're getting old

Not so much getting old
as being perceived as old. A kid I babysat for asked if I knew what a Gameboy was.
(Sat 30th Oct 2004, 1:51, More)

» Shoddy Presents

Rubbish Presents
When I left my Saturday job to go to uni I got given a balloon. 3 fucking years there, contributing to numerous leaving gifts, birthday presents, wedding gifts and all I got was a cheap arse helium balloon from bloody Clinton Cards. Tight arsed gits.
(Fri 24th Sep 2004, 10:31, More)

» Scars with history

Evil Lightbulb
I smashed a flourescent lightbulb with a six foot tent pole with a spike on top while packing up a van this summer.

(Sat 5th Feb 2005, 11:57, More)

» Pure Ignorance

Advert confusion
Me and a friend were watching TV on a Friday night in the first year of uni. We were watching Channel 4 and some rubbish programme came on and the conversation went as follows:

Her: "I can't believe I pay my licence fee for this rubbish"

Me: "Well you don't because this is Channel 4 and they're funded by advertising" (I didn't know then that Channel 4 do get some funding)

Her: "But the BBC has adverts"

Me: "No they don't"

Cue this repeating for about 5 minutes, me wanting to smash her head in with the nearest blunt object and her not believing me until she'd consulted the guy who was trying to shag her.
(Tue 11th Jan 2005, 16:25, More)

» Office Christmas Parties

How the hell do they explain the massive tree in the Parkinson Court then? :-s
(Fri 17th Dec 2004, 18:22, More)
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