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» Accidental animal cruelty

Following on from previous posts I used to be a fish farmer and accidental killed some fish (see www.b3ta.com/questions/expensivemistakes/post96565, but this was not the first accidental killing.......

Starlings used to fly about the farm and eat the fish food from the bags, not a problem to us and no doubt this kept them well fed when they were about. Every now and then though I would find one by the bag unable to fly and looking rather sorry for itself. Being a kind animal lover, and marrried at the time to a vet nurse, I felt it was my duty to end there suffering quickly as they were obviously about to kick the bucket. I did this on too many occasions to count over my 10 year period on the farm and never thought anything of it. On return to the farm to see how people were getting on I found another poor starling appearing not to have long left with this world and pointed out to my mate that he should dispatch poor sickly bird to heaven. It was then that I went from animal lover to mass murderer..................he pointed out that they were fledglings and couldn't fly yet!!!!!!!!!!

I am soooooooooooooo sorry birdies, I thought I was doing good!!!!
(Mon 10th Dec 2007, 11:51, More)

» Mobile phone disasters

Not disaster but definately stupid.
My girlfriend sent the following text last night to all her friends:

"This is my new number"

(Mon 3rd Aug 2009, 11:40, More)

» The most childish thing you've done as an adult

When I was younger..
we had a dog. I used to copy the dog by going down the stairs on all fours, hands and knees (I really don't know why!). Anyway the other day I wondered if I could still do it............I can't and I have the carpet burns and lump on my head to prove it, I am 36!
(Fri 18th Sep 2009, 10:25, More)

» Shoplifting

Too good to shoplift...
not me (I have nothing exciting to report at the moment) but an alcoholic tramp. I was working in Tescos on night shift filling the freezers in the aisle next to the drink. Tramp comes in gets a carton of orange juice and heads straight for the Vodka. Being late at night it can't be sold due to licensing laws which he knows. He opens the Vodka and quickly takes a good slug followed by a drink of orange juice. At this point security shows up, as they had had their eye on him, and grab him. The tramp then digs into his pocket and brings out money to pay! He then explains (amazingly coherently) that he is an alcoholic and was desperate but didn't know what else to do. Luckily management used common sense and did not ring the police but quielty dealt with it. Couldn't help but feel strange admiration for the poor guy.

Can't help but think some people on here could learn something from this story
(Fri 11th Jan 2008, 12:35, More)

» School fights

tell everyone to be nice when he comes back...
At my school there was one seriously spoilt git who used to think he was the business but everyone really hated him, you know the sort. Anyway one day at school he decided to have a go at me so a little scuffle ensued. Cutting a long story short he ran off to the deputy headteacher to dob me in. So, in the middle of Geography lesson I am asked to go straight to the deputy heads office for a chat. This is where things got slightly strange...

Dep Head: I have sent x home as he is upset he got into a fight with you and he said that you won
Me: ?????
Dep Head: Could you please tell all of your friends not to take the mickey out of him when he comes back as he is quite embarassed by the whole thing
Me: Ok, no problem

I return to the geography lesson with everyone wondering what was said. I, obviously, proceed to tell them all exactly what happened and what the Dep Head said. You can guess what happened.....everyone taking the piss out of him when he returned. I look back on it and still laugh and have been reliably informed he is still the same twunt now!
(Wed 15th Mar 2006, 1:30, More)
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